About Us

Who is Steve?

Hi! I’m Steve Linberg, I started Montgomery County Contractors, llc.(MCC) in 2015 with 15 years of experience. As I built up my skills over those last 15 years I started concentrating on general contracting. With this in mind, as I was gathering materials for the website I thought over what my about us page should say and what I wanted my clients to know. For one thing, it’s important that they know I bring a well rounded unique understanding to any home renovation project. I am a certified electrician, as well as a real estate agent. Therefore, I’m not only looking at how to provide you with a quality product, but also how that affects your home equity.

I know how to help you increase the value of your home through; quality replacement of kitchens and bathrooms, as well as basement remodels, landscaping, and general home repair. I am insured and will provide references upon request. When you choose MCC you not only get a great team but you also get someone who is willing to listen to what you need in your home. Furthermore, I can give you suggestions for what might work in that too small space or in an area that you never thought about. In general, more details give a remodel that special touch, so ask me what I think!

I’ve put together a team of excellent people that stand behind our motto, “We do it right the first time”. You will see myself, Tommy and Stephen as we work together to create your vision within your home.

Another key point, we concentrate on working with our community in Montgomery, Bucks and surrounding counties of Pennsylvania, but are open to other areas.

Give us a call to schedule a FREE Consultation 215–287–8810.



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