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Basements Give Homes Extra Space

Modern Living Space

Have you ever stood at the top of your basement stairs looking down and thinking to yourself someone could cement the whole thing in and you wouldn’t care? Basements get a bad rap!

Yea, we know! Basements can feel like such wasted space unless the room has a purpose! Montgomery County Contractors is an expert at creating livable space in your basement. First thing to remember is years ago that basement space started out as a laundry room. Later was turned into a rec room for children.  Finally, today you’re able to step into your basement and truly feel like it’s another room in your home.

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Have you been thinking about starting a small business but need space, BASEMENT SPACE!

  • What about all those crafts that you love so much? Would you like to be able to spread out and not worry about anyone getting into them? Tables can be set up. Cabinets with drawers and rolling carts can be conveniently placed, as well as a snack bar and fridge for entertaining groups of crafters.
  • Is the rest of the house “her” space then create your own “man cave”. Completely outfitted with plush lounge chair, dart board, fridge and we won’t forget the huge flat screen tv on the wall.
  • Is it time for the kids to have their own space? A place they can listen to music, play video games and just hang out? Finally, you won’t have to hear every giggle and word being said. It’s very simple your unused basement gives you this great space complete with fridge, snack bar, tv and hang out room.

Lastly, do you just want general purpose refinished space?  We can do that! Ask us how!

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