Tile Work

Why we love tile work

Tiling a space creates a whole new feel and look to a room whether it’s in a bathroom or kitchen. You can upscale a room with tile or just have a clean sleek look. Meanwhile, tile work has so many options that we can’t list them all, but a few material options are glass, stone, porcelain, ceramic, and on. In fact, taking a simple white porcelain tile and adding a pattern to the placement gives a completely different look then just a white tile placed in a row.

MCC would like to point out that we like products from Avalon Tile they are truly remarkable and reliable with their tile product line. With so many options available any possible styling you could need will be found at Avalon Tiling. As well as provide sampling for your home project.

In view of all the materials available to use for a bathroom or kitchen renovation 2018 has some trends that are worth noting.


  • Matte tiles – easy to maintain
  • Nude Neutrals – gray, beige and cream
  • Patterns – with tone on tone or more graphic designs
  • Wood – tile planks for walls and flooring
  • Marble – in broader and larger patterns
  • Pumped up subway tiles
  • Textural tiles



Floor Tiling

Installing a tile floor can be quite tedious for a home owner, plus it requires special tiling tools. For this reason, we find most homeowners would rather hire someone to install a new floor. With MCC you make the decisions about tile, grout and timing of floor you want renewed with tile; and we install. The process is straightforward.

We rely on our expertise to satisfy our clients with a thorough quality floor installation.

Flooring Examples

If you would like a FREE estimate on new flooring for your home please call Steve 215-287-8810

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