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When to Paint

When a remodel is happening most homeowners are still dreaming about how everything is going to look when the walls and cabinets are up and their new appliances are delivered. Once the paint goes up on the walls the room really takes on a life of it’s own. The space is either redefining the house by changing the color or blending with the homeowners decorating style. Painting your space will be one of the last items done for your home renovation. Paint is a huge decorating tool! So that being said, what can MCC offer you regarding color?

The MCC team uses Sherman Williams. We love it, trust it and endorse the quality behind the product. If you need information about colors, quality or just to look around and get comfortable with new colors go check out Sherman Williams.

Our team is readily available to prep, paint and clean up after the job. If you need advice about color selection or finish, please ask us we are happy to give our professional opinion. We have been in the general contracting business for over 15 years and have seen color trends come and go. For instance, this year The Spruce states that dark black and berry are trending, as well as grays and blue greens.

Lead Safety

We also look to the safety of our families and as we have stated before we treat your home as our home, therefore we are concerned about your safety; old lead paint in particular. Lead is a dangerous substance to have in your home. See the .gov information site about lead. If you have any questions regarding lead in your home call us at 215–287–8810, we can help you fix the situation. We have team members trained in testing and lead paint remediation.



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