What is a demo? Why doesn’t your contractor just reuse drywall, older plumbing or electrical wiring.

Because! over the years with everyday wear and tear components of our homes get worn to the point of failing at inconvenient times, which costs us more money to replace. Furthermore, as a homeowner we may not see evidence of this especially if corrosion or problems occur behind drywall. When renovating your home the demo team creates a clean slate to build upon. We provide new sub flooring, electrical wiring, plumbing, windows and insulation as well as custom items.

MCC provides demoing as part of the renovation process. We keep our homeowners in mind by putting their safety first and sealing off areas of the house that are not part of the remodel and turning off any electricity affected by the demo. Additionally, we use the right tools for the job and take away the used old materials. Finally, our team has a system with any demolition, we provide and we like to keep your house as clean as possible while taking apart the room.

With our clients, we look forward to providing quality renovations at an affordable price, meanwhile as an experienced contractor we know prevention saves you money later down the road; that’s why we recommend not reusing older worn materials.


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