Exterior Space

When the weather starts to warm up almost everyone wants to head outside. Therefore, paying attention to the exterior space of your home is just as important as the interior of. In fact, letting the outside deteriorate affects your curb appeal plus the structural stability of your house.

In general, the exterior of the home MCC is talking about has to do with driveways, decks, landscaping and patios.

Outside Entertaining

Summer months are made for outside entertaining whether its bbq’s, birthday parties, swim parties or just hanging around the bonfire with family and friends. We specialize in creating spaces that relate to your needs as a family or homeowner. We can advise you about furniture placement and how to create a cozy space for entertaining any type of group. 

Are you thinking a deck with multi levels for larger entertaining, a smaller deck on a townhouse or a deck around a pool? Either way, we have a solution for your deck building needs.

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Cement Patio

Have you been waiting for that tax return, so you can do a little renovation around your home? Are you interested in a cement patio where you achieve that sleek clean look where your furniture and landscaping shine? How about a walkout patio from your sliding doors or French doors? Montgomery County Contractors offer a cement patio service.

Outdoor Carpentry

Having shade in the summer is a benefit for your home, as well as small children and older adults. With this in mind, putting in a gazebo or a pergola will enhance the look of your back yard while providing shade for gatherings.

Investing in your outdoor space isn’t just an investment in propert; this also affects your living style. Being able to entertain outside as well as inside helps you live larger with family and friends.


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