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Planning on remodeling in 2018? Montgomery County Contractors have some information you will want to know about. In fact, 2018 has NEW trends for kitchens and accessories based on Houzz recommendations. If you are looking for a quick refresher,  paint can be a tool that you use to smooth over rough edges. Check out Behr’s 2018 NEW colors.

The predictions from Houzz renovating and design are now available and MCC is happy to talk about them.


Kitchens are still favoring white, but neutral colors like gray and blue are gaining popularity. Warm wood tones are trending with earthy tones like tobacco or camel which contributes to that upscale look. Concrete, stone, and copper sinks are being introduced in kitchens more than white or stainless steel sinks. Modern farmhouse sinks are still very popular but with a twist such as the trough or bucket styles.


Houzz has announced that concrete will be used in decorative accents, furniture, and tile as well as millwork. This will be seen on walls and detailing in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Big floral prints are also trending with high-contrast colors and huge blooms. Along with floral prints is vintage-style lighting like an aged copper pendant. Also something new, backsplashes are now using a new tile that resembles wood, fabric, and or wallpaper; making cleanup super easy.

Source: Mendez, Marisa. Houzz Announces 2018 Home Design Trend Predictions. (n.d.)


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